Our Story


Our story begins from a visit of my parents in one winter holiday in NY. I have discovered a pair of Chinese embroidered slipper that my mom collected in her wardrobe. I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful embroidery and the colorful motifs. Knowing that I want to make my own version with a new take on using high quality materials that they will last long. The designs will be versatile by adding uniqueness to different style of outfits effortlessly. I hope our shoes will become the next vintage pieces in your wardrobe.


I am the founder of Chinoiserie No. 19. Being borned and raised in British colonized Hong Kong, I have experienced and witnessed the best time of Hong Kong. I have left this beautiful city to US over 30 years ago. Once lived in NY, then based in LA for the most of my life.

Due to my special heritage, I have learned the excellence of ancient Chinese culture and the best of the western influences from the UK.  This uniqueness of these two cultures blend has inspired me to show the world the best from the Far East with the western twist in modern perspective.

This online shop has first debuted in Jan, 2021. My designs have finally come in a real life after long and extensive research and development. My passion on vintage clothing and home decors have drawn me to Chinoiserie. Taking the same inspiration back in 17th to 18th century that European have obsessed with the ancient culture from the orient, then adding western elements in their own designs.

Cathy Wong



My inspiration comes from the fanciful embroidery, textile and decorative art of old-time. The embroideries embrace the originality of oriental motifs such as flowers, animals, insects and patterns in many different forms of life surrounding us which are widely used in old days to symbolize different meanings of how a person reflects her own personalities.

The person who wears our embroidered mules are unique, romantic and mysteriously alluring