I would say it is my dream came true.  Years before I started this shop, I found my passion on the arts and cultures that influenced what I am currently doing today. I overwhelmingly fell in love with chinoiserie decors and started to learn about the renowned British rug designer, Wendy Morrison.  Ever since she came into my world, she immediately became one of my favorite artist and I started to follow her on social medias wherever the appearance of her beautiful works are.  I acted totally like her little fan.

I still hardly believe what had happened to me today, because I finally started my own online shop this year. One crazy idea came up and my passion motivated me to introduce myself to Wendy Morrison. It is absurd, but believe it or not. I got a reply from her one day. Yes, my favorite artist wrote to me. I would never forget how happy and actually a little nervous I was   She is such an amazing person, very sweet and kind to someone like me. I am very grateful that she likes my shoes and she used them to make her footsie shoots on her beautiful rugs.  This is the reason why I said it is my dream came true, because I used to look at her beautiful rugs in many years ago, now I see my embroidered butterfly mules played a little role in the pictures of some of her latest designs.  

I recently came up with one even more absurd idea.  I wrote to her if she is OK to do a small interview in Q&A style.  Again, she never disappointed me, she took her precious time to reply all my questions whilst she was busy on her project which had been shortlisted as finalist in the prestigious Carpet Design Awards in the category of Best Transitional Design (a new rug that interprets traditional design for a contemporary audience.  You can see her beautiful works here and also get to know her more from my exclusive interview with her.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I always do.

What or who had been a major influence on you to become a rug designer?

Funnily enough I would say it was more of an opportunity that came my way, I had been immersed in the world of clothing design when by chance I was introduced to a hand tufted rug manufacturer, I immediately loved the process and wanted to learn more, it was intuitive decision, and I still love it.


What country or culture that you are fascinated to visit and plays an important role on your inspiration?

It won’t come as a surprise that Asia is by biggest source of inspiration, I love its spirituality and connection with the earth. I have not visited Japan yet but next on my list.


Do you have any rituals before starting your designing works? Some people may listen to the same old song or some wacky things to do to kick start your works.

I need to create the space in my day, ideally a week to immerse myself to draw, but it is an ongoing process, I am always inspired and love to be surrounded by my favourite books. Always good to have some nice dark chocolate to hand too, I don’t require much else really :-)


How do you spend your free time if not working?

I do love to spend time with my family, ideally in nature, outdoors or sharing and cooking food, admittedly I do like to be inspired and stimulated, and love to visit galleries, exhibitions and museums and     historic buildings…….always love to travel too of course and looking forward to some trips soon.


What are you good at and not many people know about it besides designing rug? e.g. cooking, gardening, sports etc....  

This is a bit tricky……I think I might be quite good at making deserts/cakes without sugar, it’s a challenge I enjoy, not so sure about my children though. 😊


What message do you want to advise small business like Chinoiserie No. 19?

I would suggest always going with your instincts, keep it authentic and your love and passion will shine through. Do what makes you smile.😊

I hope you enjoy reading the short interview of this renowned rug designer who is based in Edinburgh UK.  To find out more of her beautiful works, please visit her IG @wendymorrisondesign or click on the images on this website to go directly to her IG account.